In the past, the most naturist activities were concentrated on the beach or lying in the sun.

For several years, there is a new trend, namely the naked hiking. How many years before, the people in Germany were the pioneers, although the naked hike in Germany is not without controversy. So, there are always disputs about, where nudism or exhibitionism, start. At present, there are no fixed position about this point. It is common ground, that the naked hiking has spread not only in Germany, but now all in the world.

Whether someone joins this trend or not, each person is left to itself. Import is the fact, that both sides respect each other and limits that may have been set up. One point should not be forgotten, namely, that hiking (nude or not) is a basic necessity of people and this necessity should not prevent you, because the humanity is a piece of nature.

The attached photo show you, that you can cope the naked hiking relatively relaxed, because hiking in nature is not always associated with great effort.

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Nude Hiking